Strictly minerals...At least for now

My skin is a mess...GRRRR...

Although I have been taking care to wash it twice a day (deep cleaning it once to remove makeup), and moisturize it properly; my skin is rebelling against me.

Now it could be a variety of things that is causing this skin uprising: My diet (Which I'll admit has not been stellar as of late), my hormones (After the age of 30, your body has a mind of its own), or my makeup (Which I believe is the real culprit). 

The last few months have seen me go from two foundations that I used religiously, to about six (of all formulas); and I think that my skin is paying the price.

 So, I've decided to use only my Laura Mercier mineral foundation (which I LOVE) least until my skin starts behaving again. And of course I will let you all know if it really does help to improve skin. 


  1. I am sorry to hear that your skin is not doing well - it happens to all us and I can both sympathize and empathize with your lot. By the way, which shade of Laura Mercier mineral foundation do you wear. I ask because I did not know that Laura Mercier even made mineral foundation and I am always up to try a new mineral makeup product.

  2. @ NikiD40: Thank you. It's one of those things that you know happens, but you still HATE! The Laura Mercier shade that I use is Pure Honey. It's the darkest shade, which sucks, but the foundation is so lovely.


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