Revlon Highbeam Tan Lipstick

If you know me, you know that I LOVE Revlon lipsticks. I have more than I can count on two hands and I  don't have any ill feelings towards any of them. So, having drooled all over several (more like tons) of them on the blog already; I will try not to bore you with general details about how the product wears, the texture, the price, or the overall quality. Instead, let me just tell you how much I am loving my newest addition. I can't get enough of this beautiful pearly bronze color.

I seems I am always drawn to this type of color at the end of the summer. I find that I reach for them so much more in the fall. Last year it was Clinique's Posh lipstick that captured my heart.

This year I am giving Revlon Highbeam Tan lipstick my Beauty Vixen KISS.


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