Storage Solutions: MUJI Drawers

5-drawer $27.95 (stacked on top), 3-drawer $24.75 (on bottom)

For the past few months, the internet has been exploding with info, reviews, pictures and advise about the MUJI acrylic drawer units. Several bloggers have praised the drawer sets as being a viable alternative to the uber-expensive, supposedly ultra-luxe Clear Cube that the Kardashians made so famous.

According to the MUJI on-line store, the drawers are rarely in stock, so that can be a testament to just how popular they have become. Fortunately, I was able to stop by the store in New York City (before I moved), and grab a few drawer sets to try out. I purchased a 5-drawer set and a 3-drawer set and stacked them. I also purchased an acrylic shelf, which I turned upside down to store my palettes in. The drawers are a bit shallow, but their width makes up for that. I have found that they work best for lip, eye, and cheek products.

Ultimately, I can't speak for whether or not the MUJI acrylic drawer units are Clear Cube alternatives, however, I can say that they are a fantastic buy and a really convenient storage solution.


  1. These drawers look awesome. I will have to take my chances on-line. Love your blog.


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