Josie Maran MatchMaker Serum Foundation

Foundation is one of those things that I have started to purchase quite often, but that I rarely talk about. It’s one of those things that, if done right, just sort of blends into the background. If done wrong, however, foundation can ruin an entire look. 
The Josie Maran Match Maker foundation is a product that will enhance your look and your skin. It is one of those “smart” foundations that adjusts to your skin color and tone. I think it is absolutely brilliant. It offers you a really natural coverage that is light to medium, but feels like nothing on the skin. The finish is satin, which I really like, because it helps keep my oiliness under control. 

Click the pictures below to see what the foundation looks like on my skin. 

MatchMaker is not a long wear foundation, but it is perfect for a light to moderate day out. The thing that I like most about the foundation, is that when I take it off, my skin beautiful, glow-y and smooth. 
Josie Maran just continues to impress me. I give the MatchMaker Foundation a Beauty Vixen KISS. 


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