INGLOT Lipstick...

So far everything that I have tried from INGLOT has surpassed my expectations. However, I am completely underwhelmed by their lipsticks.  Sad I know. Now, admittedly, I have only tried one of the lipsticks. I know that it probably sounds a bit unfair to judge an entire range of lipsticks based on one experience; but this one is enough to make me not even consider purchasing anymore.   

The lipstick isn't bad, it's just not great. The color is really pretty, but the formula is lack luster, and the staying power is slightly below average. For the $12 that these lipsticks cost, I can easily go to the drugstore and buy two that I'm satisfied with (maybe more if I get them on BOGO).

I should have purchased one of the lip paints instead, but INGLOT does not allow returns once a product has been opened; so maybe next time. 

Ultimately, the INGLOT lipsticks are a MISS (you can miss these and not miss out.)


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