Lancome Color Design palette in Amethyst Glam

Lancome Color Design palette in Amethyst Glam

I purchased the Lancome Color Design palette in Amethyst Glam, because I have really been into purples lately. I'm not completely over my love for all things green, but I figured I'd throw purple into the mix. I love Lancome products, and I was so excited when I saw these beautiful and vibrant shadows. That is, until I swatched them.

I'm so disappointed...again. I don't know if it's because I have become so fond of drugstore products or not; but when I purchase a high-end department store product, I expect to be impressed (if only slightly). This palette did not meet my expectations at all. The colors that are so beautifully vibrant in the pan, ended up being sheer and patchy when swatched. Also, I knew that the colors would be shimmery, but I did not expect an all out glitter bomb.

Oh well, I guess I'll drag my disappointment and my $48 (retail price for the palette) on over to INGLOT and get some shadows that I know I'll love.

This Amethyst Glam palette gets a Beauty Vixen DISS.

Lancome Color Design palette in Amethyst Glam (swatched)


  1. Thanks for the review and maybe you should check out the Wet N Wild 8-color Eyeshadow Icon Pallete - the name escapes me at the moment and I have read great things about this palette.

    Thanks again for the review. Blessings.


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