Wet 'n' Wild Walking on Eggshells Eyeshadow Trio

I've had this Wet 'n' Wild trio for quite sometime, but it was not one that I really grabbed for. It's not to say that this trio is not lovely; the quality is great and the colors compliment one another beautifully. It simply found its way to the back of my eyeshadow drawer, and that's where it has been resting until very recently.

I have been wanting a really nice pinky champaign eyeshadow for a while, and I was well on my way to purchasing one. As is my new custom, I looked through my collection before I went out to buy. I found Walking On Eggshells lurking in the back, and figured that the eyelid color could work.

Still, I had my heart set on MAC's Naked Lunch eyeshadow; so I brought my trio along for comparison. Wouldn't you know it...the two are identical. So, I thanked the MAC makeup artist, and went home to play with my new (old) eyeshadow trio.

Wet 'n' Wild Walking On Eggshells trio retails for $2.99 at most drugstores; and you are getting three fantastic, high-quality eyeshadows. MAC's Naked Lunch eyeshadow retails for $14.50, and it's not nearly as pigmented or smooth as the Walking On Eggshells shadows. I am a fan of the other Wet 'n' WIld products that I have tried, and I am giving this trio a Beauty Vixen KISS as well.

left to right: brow bone, crease, lid 


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