Inglot Eyeshadows Rock My World (swatches)

INGLOT eyeshadows ROCK MY WORLD!! This is my introduction to the brand, and I can already tell that it will quickly become a new obsession. The 5 square pan eyeshadow palette below is one the freedom system options. This particular palette retails for $30 USD. Yes, that's only $6 per shadow for these super smooth, ultra pigmented beauties. The shadows come in several finishes and a TON of's almost overwhelming.

A little about the freedom system that INGLOT offers for eyeshadows. You can choose between round and square pans (the round pans have slightly less product.) You then have to decide if you want a 2, 4, 5, or 10 pan palette (the 10 pan is the best value at only $5 per shadow).

INGLOT is a Polish brand, with only three stores in the USA (one of them in the heart of Time Square in NYC). Unfortunately, they do not have an online store. You can, however,  window shop on-line; then call one of the stores and have them ship your goods to you. Be aware, the INGLOT stores do not accept returns for opened products, so once you buy've bought it.

These eyeshadows get a big Vixen KISS!

Now, enough with the info...Let's get to the pictures.

INGLOT 5 square pan eyeshadow palette (closed)

#402, #49, #409, #446, #434 (left to right)
#402 (pearl), #49 (AMC shine), $409 (pearl)
#446 (pearl), #434 (pearl)
#402, #49, #409, #446, #434 (left to right)


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