Jordana Easy liners for Eyes

Black, Brown Suede, Eggplant, Bliss (top to bottom)

I've already fallen in love with the Jordana Easy Liner for Lips, because of their creamy texture, rich colors and ease of blending. I was reluctant to try the Easy Liners for EYES for all the same reasons. A deliciously creamy texture is great for for lip liners, but for eyeliners, it can mean that the product will smudge, run and make a mess. I wasn't really expecting too much from liners that retail for $1.99, but as always, I was willing to give them a try.

I found the texture of the eyeliners a bit drier than the lipliners (which is a good thing). I made sure to set the liners with a similar color eyeshadow. When set, I found that these liners stay put just as well as my other pencil liners. They actually surpass the quality of some.

Black, Brown Suede, Eggplant, Bliss (top to bottom)

I set the Eggplant liner with MAC's Sketch eyeshadow or the dark shimmering eggplant color from the Wet 'n Wild Lust palette.

MAC Sketch eyeshadow

Wet 'n' Wild Lust palette

I use Stila's Ebony eyeshadow (a matte black) to set the Black liner. 

Stila Ebony eyeshadow

I set the Brown Suede liner with Milani's Rich Chocolate eyeshadow. 

Milani Rich Chocolate eyeshadow

Overall, these liners are really nice and well worth the $1.99 that you pay for them. Be aware though, some of the darker colors do not offer too much dimension. They tend to be fairly flat (mainly because they're matte). Other than that, I say dive into the 10+ colors that they offer and enjoy.

These liners get a Beauty Vixen KISS.


  1. Funny. I have all of the e/s you named...
    I was eyeing this liner today in Walgreens...I'll probably get it.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. That is funny :-)

    These liners are just SO worth the $2.


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