Smashbox: Be Legendary

Smashbox + New Lipstick = Happy Vixen! I went to SEPHORA (of course) to check out Smashbox's new line of lipsticks, and I LOVE them. No. Really. I love every single color. The texture is brilliant and they are absolutely drenched in color. Even the matte shades are ultra creamy and moisturizing. 

The SEPHORA that I frequent is only offering 8 shades at the moment, but the Smashbox website boasts 22 shades with 4 of them being matte. 

Sadly, I can not justify purchasing any lipstick at the moment (especially at $19). None of the colors were truly unique enough for me to add to my collection, but that doesn't keep me from lusting.

These lipsticks should be around for a while, so I'm sure I will get a chance to snag a few. Check them out if you get a chance to stop into a SEPHORA. You won't be sorry.    

(left to right) Vivid Violet, Fuchsia Flash (matte), Chai, Honey, Pink Petal, Primrose, Melondrama


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