Aquafina May Not Know Water...But Lip Balm...

Funny story (well maybe not funny)...For years I said that there was something wrong with Aquafina's bottled water. Everyone thought that I was crazy, but I knew that it didn't taste right. Fast forward a few years, and it turns out that Aquafina bottled water is actually tap water. So...they SUCK right...well maybe not.

Aquafina may be terrible at producing bottled water, but I recently discovered their line of lip balm, and those ROCK! I was a little skeptical (but when am I not); but the price was resonable, so I went for it. What I found is a gem. These lip balms are really light on the lips, but they moisturize so well. They come in minty and fruit "flavors" that are completing addicting. I love them.

I think Aquafina have found their niche. The Aquafina Lip Balms get a Beauty Vixen KISS.


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